Nonsan Maincenter

The best gift to me, a seven-day break

논산 마음수련원 메인센터 전경

Rest Your Heart with Nature

While staying at Main Center in Nonsan, South Korea, you can participate in intensive meditation. It is a precious opportunity for you to take a break from your daily life, live in nature, and reflect on yourself. Coming to Main Center is the best gift you can give yourself after working so hard and feeling exhausted.

  • Address: 749-23 Sangwol-ro, Sangwol-myun, Nonsan-si, Choongnam Province
  • Meditation Type: Intensive meditation with room and board
  • Meditation Program Length: All levels are facilitated for 7 nights and 8 days, beginning every Saturday

Recommended for people who want

  • a real vacation that includes Meditation
  • to reflect on the past and start life anew
  • to resolve questions about life, worries, and mind
  • to deeply reflect on their inner selves
논산 마음수련원 잔디밭 전경 논산 마음수련원 전인관 앞 주차장 논산 마음수련원 내 쉼터
마음수련 메인센터에서의 집중 수련 마음수련 메인센터에서의 건강 체조 마음수련 메인센터에서의 영농 수련

How to Participate

7 nights, 8 days of intensive meditation

Facilities for Students from Abroad

As this meditation rises in popularity abroad, more students from abroad are visiting Main Center in South Korea. For the convenience of students from abroad, consultation rooms, interpretation rooms, and other facilities are in operation.

  • Interpretation Team

    For students who visit from around the world such as United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, Japan, China, Cambodia, Philippines, etc., competent interpreters in each language reside at Main Center to help non-Koreans meditate.

  • Incheon Airport Meditation Center

    We have a meditation center 10 minutes away from the Incheon International Airport to help people who come from afar to comfortably get to Main Center by offering transportation and room and board. Likewise, you can make use of this center after leaving Main Center before returning to your home country.
    Room and Board: 30,000 won (about $30 USD) per night
    Tel. 032-752-9952

Preparation and Prices

Reservations and Check-in

If you are not already a member, you can contact your local center (find your center at or email for more information on how to make arrangements.
If you are already a member at a local center, please talk with your helpers at your local center to make arrangements.
There could be difficulties securing a room during the peak vacation seasons (summer and winter), so please make reservations early.
Reservations should be made no later than 1 month prior to your arrival at Main Center.

Meditation Levels and Prices

Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5-7
Time 1 week 1-2 weeks 2-3 weeks 6+ weeks 2-3 weeks each
Price 240,000won
($240 USD) per week
($200 USD) per week
($200 USD) per week
($180 USD) per week
($180 USD) per week

* These prices include meditation, lecture, meals, and room and board for 7 nights and 8 days.
* For Level 1, you can only check-in on Saturdays and cannot join mid-week (because education starts on Saturdays).

Things to Prepare

Comfortable clothes for meditating, outerwear, toiletries, towels, hair dryer, slippers, first aid medications, umbrella, water bottle, other personal items


The 1-Week Level 1 Program

This is the basic level for this meditation.
You will be guided clearly to reflect deeply on life and on what the mind is,
why it must be discarded, and how to throw it away.
After familiarizing yourself with the mind subtraction method, you can throw away the minds that have accumulated throughout your life through intensive meditation and thus enlighten your 'original self' in this level.

Day 1 Understanding the Mind True mind and false mind, the principles of the mind
Day 2 Getting Familiar with Subtraction Method Practicing how to bring up mind and throw it away
Day 3 Practicing Subtraction Method Throwing away in chronological order
Day 4 Self Introspection Self reflection
Day 5 Intensive Mind Subtraction Focused discarding of the life lived
Day 6 Finding Your Original Nature Finding true mind
Day 7 Confirmation and Wrap Up Confirming mind subtraction

Overall Program

Meditation Program

There are 7 levels of this meditation. As you advance to the upper levels through each level's systematic, scientific method, you will be able to reflect on yourself more deeply. And as much as you subtract the mind, you attain a bigger consciousness and your life transforms.

Action Meditation (Young-Nong) Program

You can participate in action meditation starting from Level 4. Through action meditation in nature and taking action for others, all the habits that are rooted in your body and the minds that were accumulated self-centeredly are subtracted. This helps you to continue meditating in your daily life.
Azizah, who participated in action meditation,
shared her story -

Best Health Dance

This is our health dance. It is a whole body dance that thoroughly exercises each part of your body . When you dance along to the song three times a day, your body and mind become healthier.

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